Friday October 4 2019 - Speakers and Titles are Subject to Change
Registration   7:00-8:00
Conference Opening    8:00-8:10

Session I: The Current Landscape - Updates

Chair:  TBA

Talk Title Speaker Company Time
Session Introduction     8:10-8:15
Current Landscape for the Treatment of Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia Daniel DeAngelo Dana Farber Cancer Institute 8:15-8:40
Q&A     8:40-8:50
Application of Clinical and Functional Genomics to Pediatric AML Kimberly Stegmaier Harvard Medical School/DFCI 8:50-9:15
Q&A     9:15-9:25
AM Break     9:25-9:45

Session II: State of the Art Research and Treatment Updates

Chair: TBA

Talk Title Speaker Company Time
 Session Introduction     9:45-9:50
Optimizing CAR T Cell for AML: What can we learn from experience in ALL  Terry Fry  Children's Hospital Colorado 9:50-10:15
Q&A     10:15-10:25
Defining a Role for BH3 Mimetics in High Risk Myeloid Malignancies  Jacqueline Garcia  Dana Farber Cancer Center 10:25-10:50
Q&A     10:50-11:00
Epigenetic targets of R-2-hydroxyglutarate in IDH mutant tumors: Beyond TET2  Julie-Aurore Losman Dana Farber Cancer Center 11:00-11:25
Q&A     11:25-11:35
Lunch and Networking Hour     11:35-1:05
State of the Art Research and Treatment Updates: Advances in the Management of TP53 mutant Acute Myeloid Leukemia  David Sallman Moffitt Cancer Center 1:05-1:30
Q&A     1:30-1:40
Emerging Immune-based Therapies in AML  Mikael Rinne Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research 1:40-2:05
Q&A   2:05-2:15

Session III: On the Horizon

Chair: TBA

Talk Title Speaker Company Time
 Session Introduction     2:15-2:20
Recent Drug Approvals in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Kelly Norsworthy FDA 2:20-2:45
Q&A     2:45-2:55
PM Break     2:55-3:15
LLS Children's Initiative Gwen Nichols The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 3:15-3:40
Q&A     3:40-3:50
Enabling Genomic Actionability in the Clinic  Jeffrey Venstrom Foundation Medicine 3:50-4:20
Q&A     4:20-4:30
Closing Remarks   4:30-4:35
Evening Reception hosted by The Boston Society       4:35-6:05


Session I:  The Current Landscape - Updates

Session II:  Session II - State of the Art Research and Treatment Updates

Session III:  On the Horizon


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October 22, 2021



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