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APA India 2020 will hold a formal Poster Session (on 24 February, 2020)

Please Submit as much detail regarding your poster as possible (including author, title and abstract). Abstract length should be 200-400 words in length and will be published in the APA India Program Guide. The poster board dimensions will be 4' ft H X 6' ft W ( i.e. 4'vertical X 6'horizontal). You should be able to display posters of 5' ft H x 3'ft W and also 4'ft H x 5'ft W or any size that fits into poster board dimension mentioned in bold.

Please submit all requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

POSTER DEADLINE: 1 February, 2020

All abstracts will be reviewed by the organizing committee. Please note that All Approved Poster Presenters will be allowed to register at the Early Bird Rate regardless of when your poster gets approved. The Boston Society will send out a special discount code to all Poster Presenters for proper registration.

POSTER DEADLINE: 1 February, 2020

APA India 2020 will have a formal Poster Session during the evening reception. Poster presenters will be expected to stand with their posters to answer questions and stimulate discussion. The organizing committee will receive and review all poster submissions.

The Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis India (APA-India) conference strongly encourages posters. The majority of posters submitted to APA India by attendees and students registering who do not have a commercial interest in the meeting (eg., Pharmaceutical Industry employees, government agency employees, and academics) will have their abstracts accepted.

Presenters who have a commercial interest in the meeting, i.e., consultants, CROs, instrument companies, et cetera, by the definitions presented in Conflict of Interest section of The Boston Society Inc. bylaws must be vetted through a more rigorous screening process to ensure that the poster contains only scientific content as opposed to any commercial content. Commercial content at Boston Society Inc. meetings is restricted to the sponsor/exhibitor area so that the conference is not overwhelmed by commercial content and so that competing commercial interests are not subsidizing one another. The exception to this rule is for Bronze Sponsors who will receive an automatic Poster Approval.

Please submit all requests to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Regulated Bioanalysis

Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control

Discovery and Biotransformation


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APA-India 2020 will take place 23-25 February 2020

Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad, India


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