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May 12 - 14, 2020
Amgen, Cambridge, MA


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Plenary Speakers for 2019


Astrid Ruefli-Brasse, PhD

Director, Drug Discovery, 23andME

Big Data Meets Drug Discovery


Mercedes Serabian, MS, DABT

Chief, Pharmacology/Toxicology Branch1, CBER / OTAT / DCEPT, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Preclinical Development of Gene Therapy Products: CBER Considerations


 Speakers Confirmed for 2019

Matt Martin, Director, Computational Toxicology, Domain Lead, Pfizer

Falgun Shah, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck

Nigel Greene, Director, Head of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Drug Safety and Metabolism, AstraZeneca

Famke Aeffner, Principal Pathologist, Amgen

Lise Loberg, Sr. Principal Research Scientist, AbbVie

Satoko Kakiuchi-Kiyota, Scientist, Safety Assessment, Genentech

Ken Frazier, Director of Pathology and Senior Science Fellow, In Vitro In Vivo Translation, GSK

Matthew Wagoner, Associate Director, Mechanistic and Investigative Toxicology, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Jose Lebron, Executive Director, Investigatve Laboratory Sciences, Merck

Terry Van Vleet, Investigative Toxicology and Pathology, Head of Molecular and Computational Toxicology, AbbVie

Joy Cavagnaro, President, Access BIO

Mark Milton, Opthamology Therapeutic Area Head, PK Sciences, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

Abla Creasey, Vice President,Therapeutics & Strategic Infrastructure, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Jenny Marlowe, Head of Preclinical Development, bluebird bio

Kathy Meyer, Vice President, Nonclinical Development, Sangamo Therapeutics

Joe Cichocki, Scientist, Toxicology, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Valerie Quarmby, Director and Staff Scientist, Genentech

Tom Monticello, Executive Director, Amgen

Thierry Hanser, Research Leader, Lhasa Limited

Tom Luechtefeld, Founder and Lead Scientist, ToxTrack

Luke Ward, Principal Scientist, Research, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Jae Yoo and Don Wetherhold, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

Ivan Rusyn, Professor, Veterinary Integrative Biosciences, Chair, Interdisciplinary Faculty of Toxicology, Texas A&M University


Sessions for the 2019 Discovery Toxicology Workshop

Session I:  Machine Learning/AI/Computational Approaches in Toxicology

Session II:  Non-Clinical to Clinical Translation

Session III:  Organ on a Chip/3D Cultures/Predictive Toxicology


Sessions for the 2019 Development Toxicology Workshop

Session IV:  Cell and Gene therapy /New Modalities /Regulatory Interactions

Session V:   Predictive Toxicology

Session VI:  Big Data and New Technologies


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