May 14-6, 2024 @ Merck Research Laboratories, Boston, MA

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Plenary Speakers Confirmed for 2023

Plenary Lecture

  Dennis O. Clegg, PhD

Wilcox Family Chair in Biomedicine, Co-Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering

Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara

A Stem Cell-Derived Implant for Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration


Plenary Lecture 

Monicah Otieno, PhD

Head of Toxicology @ Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute

Safety Considerations for Selection and Development of Combination Therapies for Tuberculosis

Plenary Lecture

Paul Roney, PhD, DABT

Regulatory Specialist, Regulatory and Quality Affairs

Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR)

BARDA, Medical Countermeasure Development, and the Animal Rule


Speakers Confirmed for 2023

Rachel Andrews, PhD

Principal Scientist-Pathologist, Safety Assessment @ Genentech

Looking to the Future: Evolving Considerations for Intravitreal (Ocular) Biologics Combination Toxicity Studies

Joel Bercu, PhD

Executive Director @ Gilead Sciences

I've Got a Nitrosamine Impurity: What Now?


Helen Booler, BVetMed

Director Project Pathology @ Novartis

Ocular Inflammation in Non-clinical Ocular Toxicity Studies - An Evolution Understanding, Approaches, and Impact

Steven Cassar, MS

Senior Scientist II Toxicology@ AbbVie

Utility of Zebrafish for Detecting Mitochondrial and Biliary Toxicities in Preclinical Safety


Anuhar Chaturvedi, PhD

Associate Director Non-Clinical Safety @ BioNTech SE

Preclinical Safety Evaluation of mRNA Cancer Therapeutics: A Platform Approach

Kevin Cross, PhD

Vice President @ Instem

Nitrosamine SAR: I'll Show You a Read-across


Nora Denk, DVM 

Global Preclinical In Vivo Ophthalmology Expert @ Roche, Basel

The Bigger Picture of Inflammation


Joel Federspiel, PhD

Principal Scientist @ Pfizer

Elucidating On and Off-target Effects of Protein Degraders Through Quantitative Proteomics


Craig Ferris, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer @ Ekam Imaging

In vivo Neuropathology: Detecting the Neurotoxicity of Candidate Drugs during Early Drug Discovery

Erika Fletcher, PhD

Scientific Advisor & Co-founder @ IMMUNEED AB, Uppsala, Sweden

ID.Flow: A Physiologically Relevant Test System for Nonclinical Safety Assessment of Different Drug Modalities


Kimberly Homan, PhD

Director of the Complex In Vivo Systems Lab, Safety Assessment @ Genentech

Leveraging Organoids and Organs-on-Chip in Drug Development

Vibha Jawa, PhD

Executive Director @ BMS 

Preclinical Immunogenicity Risk Assessment Approaches for Traditional Biologics and Next Generation Novel Modalities


Robert Jolly, MPH, DABT

Risk Assessment Toxicologist @ Eli Lilly

Schrödinger's Cat is Dead, but Not from Nitrosamine Exposure...Probably


Ofer Levy, MD, PhD

Director, Precision Vaccines Program @ Boston Children's Hospital

Precision Vaccines: Bringing Precision Medicine to Vaccinology


Ian Nessler, PhD

Senior Scientist @ AbbVie 

Engineering Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Solid Tumors

Diogo Rodrigues Ferreirinha, MSc

European Senior Account Manager @ Charles River Laboratories

Screening of Antibody, Protein, and Cell Therapeutics for Potential Off-targets Using Human Cell Microarray Technology


Melissa Schutten, DVM, PhD

Senior Director, Head of Pathology @ Seagen

Current Strategies of Lead Op for Existing and Novel Conjugates

Ruchi Srivastava, PhD

Senior Scientist @ AbbVie 

Advancement in Translational In Vitro Models for Preclinical Immunogenicity and Immunosafety Risk Assessment


Yoav Timsit, PhD, DABT

Director, Preclinical Safety @ Blueprint Medicines

Current Strategies in Secondary Pharmacology and its Impact on the Safety of New Medicines

Renzong Xie, PhD, DABT

VP of Toxicology Research Department @ Medicilon

Nonclinical Safety Evaluation of Nanolipid Particles


Cuixian (Trisha) Yang, PhD

Associate Principal Scientist @ Merck

The Ultra-fast Journey of First Merck ADC


Martin Stahl, PhD

Senior Scientist, Research & Development


Danny Leung, BSc

Contract Assay Services

Human Intestinal Organoid Culture System for Drug-induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity Screening


Bruno Filippi, PhD

Vice President, Liver Safety @ InSphero

Liver Spheroid Models for Predictive and Investigative Toxicology


Marcela Alomia, PhD

Global Director of Sales for Preclinical Solutions @ DLS


Emer Clarke, PhD

CSO @ ReachBio 

 ReachBio Acquired by Discovery Life Sciences, Expanding Toxicology Solutions

Sessions for the 2023 Discovery Toxicology Workshop

Session I: Alternative Models

Session II: Understanding Unwanted Pharmacology

Session III: In Vitro and In Silico Predictive Immunogenicity


Sessions for the 2023 Development Toxicology Workshop

Session IV: An Eye on the Eye!

Session V: ABC's of ADC's

Session VI: Nitrosamine Impurities



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