Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis 2024

 In-Person Event

October 7-9, 2024

Bristol Myers Squibb, Cambridge, MA


Regulated Bioanalysis Workshop - Monday, October 7, 2024

Discovery Bioanalysis and New Technologies Workshop - Tuesday, October 8, 2024

Mechanistic ADME Workshop - Wednesday, October 9, 2024 


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APA 2023 Program

Melanie Anderson APA2023 


Melanie Anderson, PhD

Principal Scientist @ Merck

Merck's Strategy Around Decentralized Trials, Bioanalytical Sampling & Logistics

 Bhagwat Prasad


Bhagwat Prasad, PhD

Principal Investigator, Associate Professor @ Washington State University

Quantitative Mass Spectrometry-based Multi-omics for Drug Development and Precision Medicine

Zhengyin Yan 


Zhengyin Yan, PhD

Distinguished Scientist @ Genentech

The Dynamic Free Fraction: Concept, Methodology and Use in Clearance Predictions

Jessica Weaver Edward LeCluyse 


Jessica Weaver, PhD

Product & Development Team @ LifeNet Health

Edward L. LeCluyse, PhD

Chief Scientist, LifeSciences Division, Institute of Regenerative Medicine @ LifeNet Health

A Novel All Human Hepatice Cell-Based Tri-Culture System for Preclinical Drug Development


Karan Agrawal

Karan Agrawal, PhD

Scientist, Bioanalytical Discovery & Development @ Janssen Research & Development

Evaluating a Hybrid LC-MS/MS Approach for the Quantification of siRNA Analytes

Saran Ayyadurai

Saravanan Ayyadurai, PhD

Senior Scientist, Global DMPK @ Takeda

NanoString-based High Throughput MicroRNA Biomarker Assay Development

Joe Cannon

Joe Cannon, PhD

Scientific Associate Director @ Bristol Myers Squibb

Investigating Permeability of Heterobifunctional Protein Degraders

tchan LThumb

Tom Chan, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist @ Boehringer Ingelheim

Characterization of Divergent Metabolic Pathways in Elucidating an Unexpected, Slow-Forming, and Long Half-Life Major Metabolite of Iclepertin

 Hao Yang

 Hao Yang, PhD

Product Application Specialist, Chromatography & MS Division @ ThermoFisher Scientific

Sensitive Quantitation of Antisense Oligonucleotides in Human Plasma Using Triple Quadruple & HR Orbitrap based MS Methods


heather cohen apa2023

Heather Cohen, PhD

Senior Director, Translational Sciences @ Bicycle Therapeutics

Translating Preclinical Findings Into Clinical Biomarker Assays To Support Phase I/II Study of BT7480, A Bicycle Tumor-Targeted Immune Cell AgonistTM

Upendra Dahal

Upendra Dahal, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist @ Amgen

ADME Properties of SOTORASIB, a Covalent Drug for Treatment of KRAS G12C Addicted Tumors

 Bill Fitch

William Fitch, PhD

Drug Metabolism, Bioanalysis & Mass Spectrometry Consultant @ Stanford University

Complex Metabolism of the Novel Neurosteroid, Ganaxolone, in Humans. A Unique Challenge for MIST Assessment

Sarah Lloyd APA2023

Sarah Lloyd, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, ECM & Fibrosis @ AbbVie

Development of a Targeted, LC-MS Assay to Investigate Collagen Crosslinking Dynamics in IPF Phatogenesis

Anette Karle 

Anette Karle, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist Immunogenicity @ Novartis (Switzerland)

MAPPs Assay and Key Applications at Novartis

Dieter Lang

Dieter Lang, PhD

R&D Pharmaceuticals, In Vitro ADME & IC @ Bayer AG, Germany

Unusual In Vivo Metabolism of Nifurtimox

 Steven Louie

Steven Louie, PhD

Associate Director @ Moderna Therapeutics

Developing Efficacious Preclinical PK/PD strategies for Bifunctional Targeted Protein Degrader (TPD) Towards Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Suresh Paddigari

Suresh Paddigari, PhD

Team Lead @ Moderna

RT-qPCR Method Development and Validation for mRNA Analysis

 Lory Payne

Lori Payne, PhD

Executive Director of Business Development @ Alturas Analytics

Space - The Final Microsampling Frontier

Edward Price

Edward Price, PhD

Senior Scientist II, DMPK-BA @ AbbVie

Revealing the Absorption Intricacies of bRo5s and PROTACs Through a Fresh Perspective on Assyas and Novel Physiochemical Trends

 Akshaya Ramesh

Akshaya Ramesh, PhD

Principal Bioinformatics Scientist @ Genentech

Mass Spectrometry CSF Proteomics & Single-Cell Sequencing to Identify Novel Biomarkers in Multiple Sclerosis

Simone Schadt APA2023

Simone Schadt, PhD

Head of ADME @ Roche, Basel

Oxidation-Reduction Equilibirum of Thiol-Containing Drugs and Metabolites

Dhaval Shah APA2023 

Dhaval K. Shah, PhD

Associate Professor @ SUNY Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mathematical Models to Characterize the Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion of Protein Therapeutics

Arkadeep Sinha

Arkadeep Sinha, PhD

Associate Director of Bioanalytical Sciences @ Upstream Bio

DChasing the Matrix Interference in a Bispecific ADA Assay - Divergent Target Interference Based on a Patient Geography

 Qin Sun

Qin Sun, PhD

Therapeutic Biologics Program, Biologics Lead @ OCP, CDER, US Food and Drug Administration

Drug-Drug Interaction Assessment for Therapeutic Proteins

Yuting Wang

Yuting Wang, PhD

Senior Scientist (DMPK-BA) @ AbbVie

Bioanalytical Strategies for Characterization and PK Assessment of Multi-specific Antibodies

 MWeis headshot

Mike Weis, PhD

Director PK/PD Modeler @ Kymera Therapeutics

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling of STAT3 Degraders

Joleen White

Joleen White, PhD

Head of Bioassay Development & Operations @ Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute

Patient Centric Sampling in the Therapeutic Development Programs


 Matt Westfall

Matt Westfall, PhD

Director, Research & Development @ Inotiv

Targeted High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Sensitive & Precise Therapeutic Protein Target Quantification in Any Tissue


Ramola Sane APA2023

Ramola Sane, PhD

Research Investigator @ Bristol-Myers Squibb

Leveraging ADMET Data To Select A Best In Class LPA1 Antagonist


Liang Jin 

 Liang Jin, PhD

Senior Scientist @ AbbVie

Multi-omics Analysis of Colon Mucosa and Wall from Crohn's Disease Patients

 Brijesh Garg

 Brijesh Garg, PhD

Clinical Biomarker/ADA/Bioanalytical @ PepGen

ddPCR Technology in Muscular Dystrophy Research to Quantify Human Skipped/Non-Skipped Transcripts

Lei Ci 

 Lei Ci, PhD

Associate Scientific Director @ Moderna

ADME and DDI Characterization of a Novel LNP Lipid Excipient

 Min Zhao

Min Zhao, PhD

Scientist @ Moderna

Qualification for Sars-Cov-2 Neutralization Assay



APA 2023 Sessions

Regulated Bioanalysis Workshop

Session I: Assessing the Current Landscape of FDA Regulations

Session II: Advances in Sampling Strategies: A dialogue with Joleen White & Lori Payne

Session III: Emerging Modalities & New Technologies

Session IV: Immunogenicity Applications for Various Drug Modalities

Session V: Rapid Fire Poster Presentations


Discovery Bioanalysis and New Technologies Workshop

Session I: Leveraging Biomarkers & Integrating Multi-Omics for Biomarker Discovery

Session II: Applications of Precision Medicine in Drug Discovery Research

Session III: Advancing DMPK/Bioanalysis of PROTAC's

Session IV: Latest Advances in LC-MS


Mechanistic ADME Workshop

Session I: ADME of Select Modalities

Session II: Why is My Human ADMET Profile Not as Expected?

Session III: Applying Cutting-edge ADME Technologies

Session IV: Exploring Unconventional Biotransformation Pathways


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Mechanistic ADME


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APA 2023 will take place October 7-9, 2024

Bristol Myers-Squibb, Cambridge, MA


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