Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis 2021 

 October 12-14, 2021 - Virtual Event

Regulated Bioanalysis Workshop - Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Discovery Bioanalysis and New Technologies Workshop - Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Mechanistic ADME Workshop - Thursday, October 14, 2021


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APA 2021 Speakers

David DeGoey 

Plenary SpeakerDavid A. DeGoey, PhD

Research Fellow @ AbbVie 

Beyond the Rule of 5 - Title TBA

Jean Claude Marshall

Plenary Speaker: Jean-Claude Marshall, PhD

Head of Clinical Biomarkers @ Moderna

Biomarker challenges for assay decelopment for COVID19 vaccines and therapeutics - title TBA

Jan Kihlberg

Professor Jan Kihlberg,PhD

Organic Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden

Molecular Chameleonicity and Cell Permeability of Drugs and PROTACs in the bRo5 Space

Matthias Wittwer


PDM Project Leader @ Roche

Optimizing Proteolysis - Targeting PROTAC for Oral Drug Delivery: A Drug Metabolism and PK Perspective

Danielle Swaney 

Danielle Swaney, PhD

Assistand Adjunct Professor @ UCSF

Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 Host-protein Targets for Antiviral Drug Repurposing

Tao Jiang

Tao Jiang, PhD

Senior Scientist @ Moderna

Title TBA - COVID19


 Criziel Quinn, MT, MB (ASCP)

Diagnostic Lab Team Leader, The Molecular Infectious Disease lab @ Vanderbilt University Medical Center

COVID19 Testing During Pandemic Times


Sejal Patel, PhD

Associate Principal Scientist @ Merck

Large Molecule Bioanalysis for Oncolytic Therapeutics - BA Assay Lifecycle Management 

Noah Post 

 Noah Post, PhD

Assistant Director @ Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Bioanalysis of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides Using LC-MS and ELISA

Edward Price 

Edward Price, PhD

Senior Scientist I @ AbbVie

A Global Analysis of Models for Predicting Human Absorption: QSAR, In Vitro, and Pre-clinical Models

Fabio Broccatelli

Fabio Broccatelli, PhD

Senior Scientist @ Genentech

Tissue Binding in Predictive Modeling and Drug Design


Alexander Kozhich, PhD

Director @ Bristol Myers Squibb

Cell Therapy - Title TBA 


Vaishali Dixit, PhD

Director, DMPK/Preclinical Development @ Kymera Therapeutics

"Can We Predict the Vss and Tissue Distribution of Targeted Protein Degraders Using Mechanistic PBPK Models?"


Andrew Melton, PhD

Associate Director @ BioMarin Pharmaceutical

ddPCR work assay development and validation for gene therapies/linkage analysis and multiplexing - Title TBA

 Jennifer Zimmer1

Jennifer Zimmer, PhD

Laboratory Director @ Alturas Analytics

Bioanalytical Challenges: Developing a rugged chiral assay for the biomarker 2-hydroxyglutaric acid for use in routine clinical analysis of plasma samples from oncology studies


Julie Seroogy 

Julie Seroogy, PhD

Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, MyoKardia/BMS

Bioanalytical Approaches to Support Individualized Dosing in Global Clinical Studies 


 Dr. Brahim Achour

Research Associated, Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetics Research (CAPKR), University of Manchaster

Title TBA - Liquid Biopsy

Li Di 

Li Di, PhD

Research Fellow @ Pfizer

What is HLM-HHEP Disconnect Telling Us?

Abbas Bandukwala

Abbas Bandukwala, MS

Science Policy Analyst, Office of New Drugs/CDER, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Analytical Considerations for Biomarker Development and Qualification

Kevin Bateman 

Kevin Bateman, PhD

Scientific Associate Vice President @ Merck

Lab of the Future 

Diane Ramsden

Diane Ramsden, PhD

Associate Scientific Director Global DMPK @ Takeda

Developing Oligonucleotide Therapeutics, Considerations for DMPK Scientists


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