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October 12- 14, 2020 Main Conference

Short Courses - Sunday, October 11, 2020

Boston Park Plaza
50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116


APA 2020 Plenary Speakers

Richard Yost APA2020   

Professor Richard A. Yost, PhD, Colonel Allen R. and Margaret G. Crow Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Florida Merck

Title TBD

Mark Rose APA2020  

Mark Rose, PhD, Director of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, CHDI Management, Inc.

The Role of Non-Profits in Drug Discovery and Development

 Sessions for APA 2020 Workshops 

Regulated Bioanalysis

Regulatory Bioanalysis

When Bioanalytical Data were Critical to a Drug Product Submission or Approval

Regulatory/Immunogenicity Risk Assessments and Integrated Summary of Immunogenicity

Cell and Gene Therapy Bioanalysis in Regulated Environment

Chinese Bioanalytical Space/Regulatory Environment

Discovery Bioanalysis and New Technologies

New Technology and Platforms for Discovery Bioanalysis


Gene and Cell Therapy


Mechanistic ADME

Drug-Drug Interactions

Unusual Approaches to ADME Studies

Metabolism and Toxicology - Predictive Approaches

ADME Challenges in Drug Approval - Case Studies

Combined Workshop

New Analytical Techniques - Biomarkers, Liquid Biopsy, Imaging

Exosomes (EV) and Biomarkers



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Regulated Bioanalysis


Mechanistic ADME


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APA 2020 will take place October 11-14th, 2020 at:

Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Boston, MA


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