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Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis 2022 

 In-Person Event

September-October 2022 - Date/location TBA


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Regulated Bioanalysis Workshop - Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Discovery Bioanalysis and New Technologies Workshop - Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Mechanistic ADME Workshop - Thursday, October 14, 2021


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APA 2021 Speakers

David DeGoey 

Plenary SpeakerDavid A. DeGoey, PhD

Research Fellow @ AbbVie 

Mining AbbVie's Global ADME Database for New Insights into Oral Absorption of bRo5 Drugs

Jean Claude Marshall

Plenary Speaker: Jean-Claude Marshall, PhD

Head of Clinical Biomarkers @ Moderna

Building and Validating SARS-CoV-2 Analytical Assays During a Pandemic

 Sheldon Preskorn

Plenary Speaker: Professor Sheldon H. Preskorn, MD

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Wichita School of Medicine

Why Are Patients With COVID-19 at Risk for Drug-Drug Interactions and What Can Be Done to Minimize the Adverse Outcomes

Jan Kihlberg

Professor Jan Kihlberg,PhD, Organic Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden

Molecular Chameleonicity and Cell Permeability of Drugs and PROTACs in the bRo5 Space

Matthias Wittwer

Matthias Wittwer,PhD,PDM Project Leader @ Roche

Optimizing Proteolysis - Targeting PROTAC for Oral Drug Delivery: A Drug Metabolism and PK Perspective

Danielle Swaney 

Danielle Swaney, PhD, Assistant Adjunct Professor @ UCSF

Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 Host-protein Targets for Antiviral Drug Repurposing

Dong Wei 

Dong Wei, PhD, Associate Director, DMPK @ Takeda Oncology

Role of Hybrid LC/MS in Cell and Gene Therapies: Prospective and Case Studies
 Manjinder Lall

 Manjinder Lall, PhD , Senior Principal Scientist @ Pfizer

Late-Stage Lead Diversification: Application to Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease to Combat COVID-19

 Photini Pitsikas

Photini Pitsikas, PhD, Principal Scientist @ Charles River Laboratories

Ultra-Sensitive Methods as a Means to Establish Levels for Key Biomarkers


Noah Post 

 Noah Post, PhD, Assistant Director @ Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Bioanalysis of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides Using LC-MS and ELISA.

Edward Price 

Edward Price, PhD, Senior Scientist I @ AbbVie

A Global Analysis of Models for Predicting Human Absorption: QSAR, In Vitro, and Pre-clinical Models

Fabio Broccatelli

Fabio Broccatelli, PhD, Senior Scientist @ Genentech

Tissue Binding in Predictive Modeling and Drug Design

Alex Kozhich 

Alexander Kozhich, PhD, Director @ Bristol Myers Squibb

Bioanalytical Approaches in Support of Novel Biological Therapies


Vaishali Dixit, PhD, Director, DMPK/Preclinical Development @ Kymera Therapeutics

"Can We Predict the Vss and Tissue Distribution of Targeted Protein Degraders Using Mechanistic PBPK Models?"


Andrew Melton, PhD, Associate Director @ BioMarin Pharmaceutical

ddPCR work assay development and validation for gene therapies/linkage analysis and multiplexing

 Jennifer Zimmer1

Jennifer Zimmer, PhD, Laboratory Director @ Alturas Analytics

Bioanalytical Challenges: Developing a rugged chiral assay for the biomarker 2-hydroxyglutaric acid for use in routine clinical analysis of plasma samples from oncology studies


Julie Seroogy 

Julie Seroogy, PhD, Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, MyoKardia/BMS

Bioanalytical Approaches to Support Individualized Dosing in Global Clinical Studies 

Brahim Achour 

 Dr. Brahim Achour, Research Fellow, Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetics Research (CAPKR), University of Manchester

Liquid Biopsy and its Application in Characterizing Individual Hepatic Drug Elimination Capacity

Li Di 

Li Di, PhD, Research Fellow @ Pfizer

What is HLM-HHEP Disconnect Telling Us?

Abbas Bandukwala

Abbas Bandukwala, MS, Science Policy Analyst, Office of New Drugs/CDER, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Analytical Considerations for Biomarker Development and Qualification

Mark Arnold 

Mark E. Arnold, PhD, Director of Science, Scientific Affairs @ Labcorp Drug Development

Lab of the Future - perspective from a large CRO

Diane Ramsden

Diane Ramsden, PhD, Associate Scientific Director Global DMPK @ Takeda

Developing Oligonucleotide Therapeutics, Considerations for DMPK Scientists

Julia Wilson  

Julia Shanu-Wilson, PhD, Head of Scientific Communication @ Hypha Discovery, Ltd.

Parallel Synthesis of Metabolites & Late-stage Oxidized Derivates of Lead Compounds - Dual Purpose Application of PolyCYPs Enzymes


Allison McMullen &

Allyson Kozak

Joint lecture:

Allison McMullen, PhD (ABMM)

Scientific Affairs Manager @ Roche Diagnostics

Allyson Kozak, PhD, MBA, NRCC

Scientific Affairs Manager @ Roche

The Diagnostic Landscape of COVID-19: Overview of the various available diagnostics for COVID-19 (RT-PCR, POC, Ag, Ab, IL-6 etc.)

David Bunka, CTO @ Aptamer Group

Optimer Ligands to Enable Drug Discovery and Development

Aptamer logo

Jim McNally 

Jim McNally, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer @BioAgilytix

Bioanalytical Strategies for Advanced Modalities (Cell & Gene Therapies) 

Xiulian Du 

 Xiulian Du, PhD, Senior Science Advisor @ U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Regulatory Considerations for Bioanalysis in Biosimilar Development
David Colquhoun 

David Colquhoun, PhD, Biologics Workflow Specialist @ Sciex

New Flexible HRMS Platform for Improved Bioanalysis Sensitivity  Sciex

Lita Sands  

Lita Sands, PhD, Worldwide Head of Life Sciences Business Development @ Amazon Web Services

Building Labs of The Future With Cloud Technology


Pat Bennett 

 Patrick Bennett, PhD, Vice President @ PPD

Lab of the future - perspective from a Large CRO

Shengsheng Xu

Shengsheng Xu, PhD, Senior Scientist @ Frontage

Multiplexing LC-MS Antibody PK Method in Support of COVID-19 Study


John Loughney 

John Loughney, PhD, Senior Scientist @ Merck

Enhancing the Speed of Vaccine Development by Implementing End to End Automated High Throughput_Assays


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