Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2021 - Virtual Event

Thursday, June 3, 2021 

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Confirmed speakers for APC 2021

Nathanael Gray

Keynote Speaker:

Nathanael Gray, PhD 

Faculty Lead, Medicinal Chemistry;    Professor, Chemical and Systems Biology, Innovative Medicines Accelerator, Stanford University

Targeted Protein Degradation - Challenges and Opportunities


Michael Pollastri, PhD Senior Vice Provost for Portland and Academic Lead for the Roux Institute, Northeastern University

Hit-to-lead Medicinal Chemistry Targeting Neglected Tropical Diseases



James Corte, PhD, Scientific Associate DirectorBristol Myers Squibb 

Discovery of Milvexian (BMS-986177/JNJ-70033093), an Inhibitor of Factor XIa in Phase 2 Studies for Antithrombotic Therapy



David Piotrowski, PhD, Research Chemist, Pfizer

Discovery of PF-07059013: A Non-covalent HbS Modulator for Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease



Haibo Liu, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb

Discovery of a Selective, Targeted Covalent FGFR4 Inhibitors


Brian T. Hopkins, PhD Principal Investigator, Biogen

Discovery of BIIB091, a Reversible, Selective BTK Inhibitor for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis 


Juergen Ramharter, PhD, Principal Scientist & Project Lead, Boehringer Ingelheim, Austria

One Atom Makes All the Difference - The Fine Line Between Activation and Inhibition of SOS1"


Florence Wagner, PhD, Associate Director, Center for the Development of Therapeutics, Director of Chemistry, Institute Scienstis

 From Broad Repurposing Hub Hit to a Drug Development Candidate for a Rare Chronic Kidney Disease


Vendor Presentation: Michelle Armstrong,PhD, Account Manager, Interchim

Tools for Rapid Characterization and Purification in Drug Discovery

 Proposed Topics for 2021:

 Industry Initiatives

 Antibacterial Research

 Neglected Tropical Diseases

 Covalent Inhibitor for KRAS

 BTK Inhibitors

 TYK2 Inhibitor

 BCL6 Inhibitor



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