Updated 5/11/2021 *Speakers and titles are subject to change
Session   Speaker Company Time
Conference Opening Benoit Moreau Syros 10:00AM-10:05AM
Speaker Introductions

David Ebner

Siva Dandapani

Susan Ashwell


Skyhawk Therapeutics


Hit-to-Lead Medicinal Chemistry Targeting Neglected Tropical Diseases Michael Pollastri Northeastern University 10:10AM-10:30AM
Q&A     10:30AM - 10:35AM
One Atom Makes All the Difference - The Fine Line Between Activation and Inhibition of SOS1 Juergen Ramharter Boehringer Ingelheim, Austria 10:35AM-10:55AM
Q&A     10:55AM - 11:00AM
Discovery of PF-07059013: A Non-covalent HbS Modulator for Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease David Piotrowski Pfizer 11:00AM-11:20AM
Q&A     11:20AM-11:25AM
Vendor Presentation: Tools for Rapid Characterization and Purification in Drug Discovery Michelle Armstrong Interchim 11:25AM - 11:40AM
Q&A      11:40AM-11:45AM
Lunch Break & Sponsor Showcase     11:45AM - 12:45PM
Plenary Speaker Introduction

Matt Hayward

Pfizer 12:45PM-12:50PM

Plenary Lecture

Targeted Protein Degradation – Challenges and Opportunities

Nathanael Gray Stanford 12:50PM-1:25PM


    1:25PM - 1:35PM
Speaker Introductions

Louis Chupak

Baudouin Gerard


Nuvalent, Inc.

Discovery of Milvexian (BMS-986177/JNJ-70033093), an Inhibitor of Factor XIa in Phase 2 Studies for Antithrombotic Therapy James Corte BMS 1:40PM-2:00PM
Q&A     2:00PM - 2:05PM
Discovery of Selective, Targeted Covalent FGFR4 Inhibitor Haibo Liu BMS 2:05PM-2:25PM
Q&A     2:25PM - 2:30PM
Break     2:30PM - 2:50PM
Discovery of BIIB091, a Reversible, Selective BTK Inhibitor for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Brian Hopkins Biogen 2:50PM-3:10PM
Q&A     3:10PM-3:15PM
Speaker Introductions Pedro Garcia Barrantes Vertex 3:15PM-3:20PM
From Broad Repurposing Hub Hit to a Drug Development Candidate for a Rare Chronic Kidney Disease Florence Wagner Broad Institute 3:20PM-3:40PM
Q&A     3:40PM - 3:45PM
Closing Remarks Baudouin Gerard Nuvalent 3:45PM - 3:50PM


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Session II: TBA

Session III: TBA


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