Nagendra Chemuturi Senior Director ADME @ Eli Lilly


Anshul Gupta, VP, Head of Nonclinical Safety & Translational Sciences @ Generation Bio


Vibha Jawa, Executive Director @ Bristol-Myers Squibb


Steven Louie, Associate Director, ADME/DPPK @ Moderna


Dale Miles, Director & Distinguished Scientist @ Genentech


Hardik Mody, Principal Scientist, Clinical Pharmacology @ Genentech


Yan Ni, Executive Director Biomarkers & Precision Medicine @ Passage Bio


Stephanie Pasas-Farmer, President & Founder @ Ariadne Software


Stephen Wang, Associate Director, Novartis Gene Therapies

  Jochem Gökemeijer, Senior Director @ Bristol-Myers Squibb         




Session I: TBD

Session II: TBD

Session III: TBD


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The conference will take place March 21, 2024 at:

BMS, Cambridge Crossing, Cambridge, MA


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