New Era of ADME and Beyond (NE-ADME 2023)

June 21, 2023 at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

250 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 02139







Bhagwat Prasad, PhD

Principal Investigator, Associate Professor @ Washington State University

Quantitative Proteomics-Informed Modeling for Prediction of Drug Clearance and Drug Interactions


Seth Carbonneau

Senior Principal Scientist @ NIBR

Targeted Protein Degrader Applications for Gene Therapy and Small Molecule Drug Discovery


Ritu Singh, PhD

Associate Director, DMPK @ C4 Therapeutics, Inc.

In vitro Binding Assays to Assess Exposure of Bifunctional Degradation Activating Compounds (BiDACs) in the Brain


Stephen Greene, PharmD

Associate Scientific Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics @ Moderna

Model-informed Drug Development (MIDD) in the mRNA-based Therapeutics & Vaccines


Michael Hayashi, BS

Scientist II @ Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Use of HRMS and Novatia Software to Investigate siRNA In Vitro Uptake, Metabolic Stability, and Metabolite Identification in Primary Human Hepatocytes


Peng Hsiao, PhD

Director DMPK @ Schrödinger, Inc.

Antibacterial Efficacy of the Macrocyclic Depsipeptide Teixobactin in the Neutropenic Mouse PK-PD Model of Thigh Infection 


Andrea Peier, PhD

Senior Director, Cell Sciences @ Merck

NanoClick Assay: A High Throughput, Target-agnostic Permeability Assay that Combines NanoBRET Technology with Intracellular Click Chemistry


Dan Wall, PhD

Associate Director @ Novartis

Bioanalysis for Radio Ligand Therapies (RLTs) with LCMS/MS & LC ICP MS


Hongbin Yu, PhD

Oncology Therapeutic Area Lead @ Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma

Perspectives on ADME Studies of Therapeutic Proteins


 Maciej Czerwiński, PhD

Director @ BioIVT

Recommendations for Successful In Vitro Evaluation of Pharmacokinetic Drug Interaction Potential of ADC's


Seema Chauhan Kumar, PhD 

Senior Director DMPK @ Pioneering Medicines

Perspectives on DMPK Support for ADC's


Anup Zutshi, PhD

Sr. Scientific Director & Global Head Translational Pharmacology @ EMD Serono 

Translational Modeling for a First in Class MUC1xEGFR (M1231) Bispecific Antibody Drug Conjugate


Abdul Basit, PhD

Associate Director, Discovery Bioanalysis @ Charles River Laboratories

Multiplexing Oligonucleotide Analysis with Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (LC-HRMS)



Session I: ADME of Protein-Based Therapeutics

Session II: Current Protein Degraders Targets

Session III: Analytical Strategies for New Modalities

Session IV: Drug Discovery in Novel Modalities



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NE-ADME 2023 will take place June 21, 2023

Novartis, Cambridge, MA


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