Conference Chair:

Mitesh Patel, Novartis

Chair Elect:




Committee Members:

Dallas Bednarczyk, Novartis

Ruchia Duggal, Merck

Joseph Tillotson, Pfizer

Maria Fitzgerald, Ipsen

Vinayak Hosagrahara, Nimbus Therapeutics

Pei Li, Vertex

Steven Louie, Moderna

Mukesh Lulla, Biogen

Jun Zhang, BMS

Chris Rowbottom, Moderna


Session I: ADME of Protein-Based Therapeutics

Session II: Current Protein Degraders Targets

Session III: Analytical Strategies for New Modalities

Session IV: Drug Discovery in Novel Modalities



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NE-ADME 2023 will take place June 21, 2023

Novartis, Cambridge, MA


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