Conference Chair:

Maria Fitzgerald, Sanofi

Chair Elect:

 Ruchia Duggal, Merck



Committee Members:

Steven Louie, Novartis

Dallas Bednarczyk, Novartis

Nimita Dave, Black Diamond Therapeutics

John S. Janiszewski, NIH/NCATS

Mitesh Patel, Novartis

Chris Rowbottom, Moderna

Wilson Shou, BMS

Ron Xu, ORIC Pharmaceuticals

Hui Zhang, Pfizer


Session I: ADME Prediction Tools for Old and New Therapeutic Modalities

Session II: Transporter-Mediated Drug Disposition

Session III: Bioanalysis of New Therapeutic Modalities

Sessin IV: New Clearance Prediction Models



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HT-ADME 2021 will take place June 22-23, 2021

Virtual Event


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